Hunger protest
Martyrs of the case

The meeting is part of the cycle "Performance of protest"

Guests: Joanna SzczęsnaKatarzyna Pikulska

Besides self-immolation, starvation is the most radical form of protest, which is usually followed by fighters of lost, hopeless or simply very difficult cases in a situation where the only real hope is to raise public opinion, create social solidarity and discredit power. Hunger protest is considered to be the main non-violence strategy, and this was also its origin, although in reality it is an act of self-harm, and sometimes even leads to martyr’s death Hunger protests, due to their durability, have a peculiar narrative potential, which is worth examining on specific examples. It is also worth finding out how the human body reacts to long-lasting starvation, what its health effects are, how to end it up and how to care for starving ones.