Learning from plants

Moderators: Aleksandra Jach, Aneta Rostkowska

During the meeting, we will consider the question of whether plants may inspire us. What can we learn from plants in terms of our everyday life, philosophy or political action? We will be guided by fragments of texts by several authors, including Urszula Zajączkowska and Michael Marder. Participants will be asked to share the history of their relationships with plants. You’re welcome to bring along plants from your collection!

The number of participants is limited. Click on the link to register.

Selected texts

Urszula Zajączkowska, Poems [in Polish] – https://www.dwutygodnik.com/artykul/7250-wiersze.html

Urszula Zajączkowska, Encouragement: the happiness of polysaccharides [in Polish] – https://www.dwutygodnik.com/artykul/7381-otucha-szczescie-wielocukrow.html

Texts from Herbaria 3.0 – https://herbaria3.org/

Michael Marder, How Plants Lead Us Beyond Organismic Logic – http://philosoplant.lareviewofbooks.org/?p=116

Michael Marder, Communication with the Radical Other – http://philosoplant.lareviewofbooks.org/?p=74

Michael Marder, Vegetal Anarchitectures – http://philosoplant.lareviewofbooks.org/?p=164

Michael Marder, Diasporic Thoughts on Migration: Of Plants and Places – http://philosoplant.lareviewofbooks.org/?p=287