Director: Bartek Frąckowiak

Premiere: 24 June 2017
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
No intermission

Our point of departure is the conversation about the meaning and value of work, about ambitions, fears, instability and the workplace with its inconsistent character, about the rhythm and subjectively experienced working time, in which the perspective of fictional characters is mixed with the real situation of three actresses whose workplace was disrupted.

The performance combines the level of women’s individual experiences with a wider perspective in which work is perceived as a part of the dynamically changing global capitalist economy. It becomes a kind of game of the three protagonists with various work-related situations. They reconstruct work histories of other women, attempting to embody them and understand their experience, they travel through different social classes, types of jobs, workplaces, and finally, through different positions in the economic hierarchy. This fictional journey helps women to enter the space of utopia. By imagining conditions and places of work which enable revealing the best in people, they unconsciously begin constructing an alternative socio-economic system.

Anita Sokołowska
Beata Bandurska
Magdalena Celmer