Bartosz Frąckowiak

Deputy Director

Curator, director, culture researcher. Deputy Director of Biennale Warszawa. In 2014-2017 he was the Deputy Director of the Hieronim Konieczka Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz and the curator of the International Festival of New Dramaturgies. Graduate of the College of Inter-Area Individual Studies In the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw and inter-university studies at the “Artes Liberales” Academy. From 2010 he is the programming director at the HOBO Art Foundation working for the development of performative and visual arts, promoting erasing borders between art and academia in the name of combining creation with research. Curator of the series of performative lectures organised in cooperation with Fundacja Bęc Zmiana (2012). Theatre director, including “Komornicka. The Ostensible Biography” (2012); “In Desert and Wilderness. After Sienkiewicz and Others” by W. Szczawińska and B. Frąckowiak in Teatr Dramatyczny in Wałbrzych (2011); performative lecture “The Art of Being a Character” (2012), Agnieszka Jakimiak’s “Africa” (2014), Julia Holewińska’s “Borders” (2016), Natalia Fiedorczuk’s “Workplace” (2017) and documentary-investigative play “Modern Slavery” (2018). He published in various theatre and socio-cultural magazines, including “Autoportret,” “Dialog,” “Didaskalia,” “Political Critique,” and “Teatr.”