Seeing Stones and the New Planetary Order

Performance lecture by Bartek Frąckowiak, Anna Galas-Kosil and Paweł Wodziński

Algorithms have become one of the essential tools of power in surveillance capitalism. The friendly voices of Siri-type assistants, recommendations tailored to our needs and interests, the pleasant illusion of seemingly disinterested help, various forms of facilitation that allow us to better “handle” everyday life. In reality, these are AI algorithms that extract personal behavioural data from us, and consequently serve as a tool of hard control and surveillance.

Is it not a long way from a pleasant female voice based on algorithmic codes and machine learning to monopolising the global web, private-public partnerships between corporations and the state, digital violence, introducing controlled chaos or cyber-terrorism? During the performative lecture, the curators will talk, among other things, about the relationship between technology, politics and authoritarianism.

Admission free, in English, without translation