Biennale Warszawa “Let’s Organize Our Future!”

Curatorial Talk

As part of the exhibition Games. Fights. Encounters, we will hold a video debate devoted to the organisational model of Biennale Warszawa, with the participation of Anna Galas-Kosil, Bartosz Frąckowiak, Marta Michalak, Paweł Wodziński and the curatorial team of OnCurating Project Space in Zurich.  The debate will be moderated by Patrycja Wojciechowska.

The title of the debate refers to the title of the first edition of Biennale Warszawa in 2019. Topics raised in the discussion will include the issues of Biennale’s unique institutional format, a particular understanding of interdisciplinarity, programming choices of the curatorial team of Biennale, established models of cooperation with organisations and social initiatives, but also cultural policy of national and local governments, and the independence of Polish institutions from the public authorities.