Curatorial texts
Biennale Warszawa 2019

Let's Organise Our Future!

“Let’s organise our future!” — the first edition of Biennale Warszawa is over.
Now, we encourage you to read curatorial texts by Paweł Wodziński, Bartosz Frąckowiak, Marwa Arsanios, Agata Siwiak, Jonas Staal, and Jan Sowa, available in Polish and English

Let’s organise our future! – curatorial text by Paweł Wodziński,

Transnational Alliances – curatorial text by Bartek Frąckowiak

To Reform the World Means to Reform Education – curatorial text by Agata Siwiak

Transunions – text by Jonas Staal

Who’s Afraid of Ideology? Ecofeminist Practices Between Internationalism and Globalism – text by Marwa Astanios