Biennale International – open discussion panel

An open discussion panel accompanying the international meeting of biennale representatives.

On January 10-13, 2019 in Warsaw, an international meeting will be held, attended by the representatives of biennales in Prague ( / reactivated Bienale Praha), Budapest (OFF-Biennale Budapest), Kyiv (Visual Culture Research Center / Kyiv Biennial) and Warsaw (Biennale Warszawa). Four institutions from Central and Eastern Europe will establish an informal cooperation network and they will present a joint statement concerning the socio-political role of biennale in our region. The forming of the cooperation will be accompanied by an international workshop event and an open discussion panel (12.01, 6pm).

Participants of the discussion panel will discuss the role of biennale in shaping new forms of international solidarity, expanding socio-political imagination, developing alternative economic or environmental solutions, manufacturing new institutions of the future or practicing new forms of urban activism.

The meeting in Warsaw constitutes a continuation of the event organised by in October 2018 in Prague (“Unlearning Biennale”) whose objective was a joint critical reflection of biennale representatives from post-socialist and post-colonial countries on the biennale format.