Debt management, or social cuts and reproduction.
Care crisis perspective and strategies of resistance against the permanent financial crisis

Lecture by Izabela Desperak (University of Łódź)

After the lecture, we will have a discussion. The meeting will be held on Zoom. Registration required (open until 17.03.2021) via the application form on our website. We will e-mail the link to the meeting to registered participants. We are planning live streaming of Facebook. The meeting will be recorded and archived on our YouTube channel and in Resources on Biennale website. To protect your image, we ask you to keep your cameras and microphones off during the entire event. But we do encourage you to join the discussion and send us questions on the chat. The moderators  will ask them on your behalf.

Debt of Polish households has been increasing proportionately even before the 2008 crisis. However, from March 2020, these numbers started to grow rapidly. How dues debt look as an economic mechanism for coping with the financial – an know also epidemic – crisis, from the perspective of women’s work and feminised sectors? What is the relationship of private debt to financial speculation at a time of neoliberal financialization, and artificially boosted profits? What does it mean, exactly, that state debt requires social cuts? And finally, how to reject the dictates of debt and show how it influences cutting expenses on reproduction, care, and healthcare? Izabela Desperak’s lecture will initiate the departure towards possible strategies of resistance against the permanent care crisis.