The art of care, or how to include care work in the artistic practice

Debate with Natalia Fiedorczuk, Weronika Szczawińska, Ania Nowak, Agata Adamiecka and Justyna Sobczyk (in Polish)

The meeting will be held on Zoom. Registration required (open until 19.05.2021) via the application form on our website. We will e-mail the link to the meeting to registered participants. We are planning live streaming of Facebook. The meeting will be recorded and archived on our YouTube channel and in Resources on Biennale website. To protect your image, we ask you to keep your cameras and microphones off during the entire event. But we do encourage you to join the discussion and send us questions on the chat. The moderators  will ask them on your behalf.

Care revolutions do not bypass the field of arts. The perspective of care enables to identify artistic work not only as gainful employment, but also as care work – producing and sustaining the life of artists and every person in their care. Thus, it can enable revising models of functioning of institutions – whose default is adjusted to entities that have financial security and no care obligations – and help transform the way we think about organising the work process on account of the productivity and overproduction constraint. But under the conditions of social privatisation of reproduction, the ethics of care constitutes a major challenge. What dangers stem from making access to reproductive resources dependent on institutional structures susceptible to crises? How should particular institutions take responsibility for persons with varying needs, taking into account resulting inconveniences?  How can we speak about and reveal reproductive practices? Various dimensions of care work will be discussed with artists and researchers interested in these issues both within their own practice and in the context of the search for institutional solutions.