How to Reorganise Silicon Technologies in the Age of Digital Disruption?

Panel discussion with Anne Alombert, Gaël Giraud, Michał Krzykawski and Daniel Ross

The ideologues and marketers of what is referred to as ‘digital disruption’ tell us that we need to adapt to the accelerating rhythm of technological development under the pretext that contemporary societies largely accept digital technologies. The digital transformation, as they say, is ineluctable: we cannot negotiate with ‘the law’ of disruption, which will soon hit workplaces, public health, schools, universities, cities and states. Instead, what we are asked to do as individuals, organisations and societies is to show ‘resilience’ and to survive this change in the name of the so-called ‘long-life learning’ (also known as 24/7 capitalism).

How could we challenge this technocratic accelerationist ideology of digital disruption and reorganise silicon technologies in order to produce some kind of a counter-disruption? This panel will address this question drawing on several issues discussed in the book Bifurcate. ‘There Is No Alternative’, edited by Bernard Stiegler and the Collective Internation, trans. Dan Ross, London, Open Humanities Press, 2021.

Admission free, in English, without translation