Lessons of the Russo-Ukrainian War

Talk: Alexander J. Motyl

The Russo-Ukrainian war has changed geopolitical reality and put into question the post-World War II international system. Whatever the war’s outcome, democracy, authoritarianism, peace, war, liberalism, and illiberalism will be importantly affected.


Conceived by the Kyiv Biennial and Biennale Warszawa from the East Europe Biennial Alliance, this special public program Armed Democracy, curated by Vasyl Cherepanyn within the 2nd edition of Biennale Warszawa, revolves around the concepts of imperialism, liberation, fascism, autocracy, revolution, and militarization in pursuit of the world to come on Europe’s burnt out land. The program is a first part of the series organized by the East Europe Biennial Alliance discussing Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine and taking place in Warsaw, Prague, Kassel, and Riga over the summer and fall of 2022.

Online, admission free, in English, without translation

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