Tomasz Szkudlarek

Professor, doctor habilitatus, heads the Department of Philosophy of Education and Cultural Studies at the Institute of Pedagogy, Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gdansk. She carried out research on American critical pedagogy, on Postmodern culture and junctions of public discourse and the individual construction of subjectivity. A significant share of his work is devoted to the analyses of relationships between education and politics. Publications include: The Problem of Freedom in Postmodern Education (1993), Wiedza i wolność w pedagogice amerykańskiego postmodernizmu (1993 / 2009), Kultura, tożsamość, edukacja [Culture, identity, education] (co-author, 1998), Media. Szkic z filozofii i pedagogiki dystansu [Media. An essay on philosophy and pedagogy of distance] (2009), Dyskursywna konstrukcja podmiotu [Discursive construction of the subject] (co-author, 2010), Education and the Political (ed. and co-author, 2013), On the Politics of Educational Theory: Rhetoric, theoretical ambiguity, and the construction of society (2017).