Most of the Souls That Live Here

Screening of Igor and Ivan Buharov’s film


Count Ervin Batthyány is a renowned anarchist teacher. He reappears 100 years after his death and tries to put his theories into practice again as he realizes that the world has not turned out as he had expected. There is no Utopia free of rulers. He founds a new free school with the help of some like-minded people, and starts teaching a new generation who believe in solidarity and cooperation rather than a system of oppression. But the ideal of freedom and equality awakens the same fears in the choreographers of power as it did 100 years ago. As in other movies of the Buharovs, the world depicted here is on the frontier of dream and reality. Through the use of oneiric imagery and self-composed music, the filmmakers capture archetypical experiences in a surrealistic atmosphere. The protagonists (mostly played by friends and non-actors) live outside of mainstream, elite culture, and express poetic and philosophical thoughts.