From participatory art to organizational art

Meeting with Georg Blokus and Nina Paszkowski from the Political School of Hope in Cologne

The Political Hope School (Ger. Schule der politischen Hoffnung) is the self-organized initiative of artists, activists and citizens of Cologne. Meetings take place in areas dedicated to culture and other places in the city. This progressive venture is an area of self-organization and knowledge production directed to all those who do not want to feel politically powerless and lonely but instead want to unlearn their helplessness, acting together to create a perspective for a social change. The School of Political Hope as a space of cross self-education organizes debates, lectures, seminars, film screenings, concerts, workshops, tours and political actions. It combines art, knowledge and activism with everyday life. Its activities have been supported by numerous artists and intellectuals, inter alia, theatre director Milo Rau and philosopher Srećko Horvat.