Open presentation of workshop by Lina Majdalanie

Lina Majdalanie

“I am all the names in history” says Nietzsche. And according to Walter Benjamin, everything is “citable” and there are no small histories versus big histories. Through group and individual practical exercises, this workshop aims to explore the relations between the personal and the public sphere; history and biography; here and there; fiction and reality; document and artwork; the familiar and the strange; the vertical and the horizontal.

Workshop by: Lina Majdalanie

Participants: Jakub Bolewski, Nikolett Gàbri, Maciej Hanczewski, Magdalena Kaczmarek, Patrycja Kowańska, Natan Kryszk, Monika Krzynówek, Patryk Kurowski, Weronika Lewoń, Ada Rączka.

Coordination: Anna Galas-Kosil.

Open presentation: 27/04/2018, 19:00

MSN, Pańska street

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