Polish premiere
”SCUM Manifesto”

Jill Godmilow, Joanna Krakowska, Magda Mosiewicz

Polska premiera ostatniego filmu Jill Godmilow “SCUM Manifesto” – zrealizowanej w Polsce i z polskimi aktorkami Anitą Sokołowską i Hanną Maciąg – repliki francuskiego filmu z lat siedemdziesiątych. Premierze towarzyszyć będzie wykład Agnieszki Graff.

Jill Godmilow: “Kobietom mającym zmysł obywatelski, odpowiedzialnym i śmiałym nie pozostaje nic innego jak tylko obalić rząd, zlikwidować system monetarny…”


So far, there is no Polish edition of “SCUM Manifesto” by Valerie Solanas from 1967. The French movie SCUM Manifesto by Carole Roussopoulos and Delphine Seyrig from 1976 is officially unavailable. Our picture, which is a faithful replica of the original, can be treated as a kind of antidote to both these annoyances. Its goal was to restore the memory of Valerie Solanas and at the same time pay tribute to the French artists who transferred her manifesto to the screen.

Referring to the most radical feminist manifesto in the radical movie form is neither historical nor accidental. It allows expressing rage against what today in Poland, in America and around the world can be identified with male power. It is military violence, religious fundamentalism and economic exploitation. It is also all inequality that begins with the inequality of women against men in the family, at work, in the structures of power, in public life, in historical discourse. We feel that in the face of a conservative turn that can be observed in many countries – and certainly in Poland and the United States – this inequality will deepen, depriving women of civil rights, inter alia, by limiting reproductive rights and opting in favour of traditional social roles

In these circumstances in 2017 – considering the effects of the actions of the crazy dictators, militarists, suprematists, capitalists, nationalists, fanatics and considering their rhetoric, in which the patriotic and religious slogan they are lined with violence and contempt – words of Valerie Solanas no longer seem to be exaggerated or ridiculous. Her feminist manifesto strikes today in a tender spot and lets us express opposition and anger. And at the same time, it does not let us forget that the author also once reached for a weapon and used real, not poetic violence against another human being.

Conscious of these old and modern contexts, we feel that only our solidarity can be our weapon. That is why we encourage you to shoot more SCUM Manifesto replicas in any languages. Our film is, in fact, taking up the baton and, simultaneously, passing it on.