Identity politics, intersectionalism, class struggle

Moderator: Jula Strzemińska, guest: Agata Dziuban

The worst insult among the anticapitalist left is calling someone a liberal. Paradoxically, “liberal feminist” is a name used for persons involved in the circles striving for decriminalization of the sex work or abortion (e.g. Sex Work Polska or Abortion Dream Team) who provide real, tangible help, often venturing into the territory of culture. But it is feminists who are usually dragged through muck and mire as those who muddle the class struggle with cultural postulates.

What then should the postulates of the feminist movement be? Is the postulate of acknowledging sex work or reproductive work as work a cultural or a systemic one? How to combine cultural issues with social postulates? How to create a materialist, intersectional language which will express class interests of a mass movement, and will not be limited only to struggling for the recognition of an individual identity? Does it even make sense to talk about identity politics in Poland?