Fighting impunity in a warming world 

Nabil Ahmed's (INTERPRT) lecture

Event as part of the side programme accompanying the exhibition "Race and Forest”

International criminal justice offers considerably limited protection to the environment and to the livelihoods and dignity of peoples. Yet today civil society groups, NGOs, and journalists have expanded access to geospatial information, audiovisual media and open-source data to expose state and corporate crimes. Forensic truths acquired by non-state actors are increasingly admitted in legal contexts and for advocacy purposes. This lecture will explore how spatial analysis and environmental forensics are put to work by INTERPRT to not only document underreported environmental offenses and human rights violations but also in an effort to recognize ecocide as an international crime. First invoked during the Vietnam war, ecocide has the potential as an effective tool for climate frontline governments and civil society in the fight against ecological impunity at the international criminal court and beyond.
Event in English, not translated.
Admission free.