How to survive in the Anthropocene?

Prof. Ewa Bińczyk (UMK), Prof. Karolina Safarzyńska (WNE UW), moderator: Przemysław Wielgosz (LMD-PL)

Entering the age of humanity poses significant challenges to the theory and practice of economics. It is possible that most certainties on which economic sciences are founded became outdated. While climate destabilisation remains the most visible and universally affecting symptom of the Anthropocene, it presents most pointedly the question of how much previous premises and frameworks of conventional economy do not match the new reality.

In the face of the consequences of the anthropogenic climate change categories which go up in the air include unlimited accumulation as the principle of the system’s functioning, GDP growth as the basic indicator of development, and finally the definition of the profitability of business activity. Is it still possible in the Anthropocene to dream about reforming capitalism? How to end the externalisation of costs without halting the momentum of the economy? Do we have to reject the fetish of growth? What is ecological economics and is sustainable development even possible anymore?

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