Przemysław Wielgosz

Journalist and left-wing columnist. In late 80s and early 90s, he was active in the anarchist movement. He was the editor of “Rewolta” magazine and an active member of the political and artistic community Komuna Otwock. Przemysław is currently the editor-in-chief of the Polish edition of the monthly Le Monde diplomatique and book series: “Biblioteka Le Monde diplomatique,” and “Biblioteka alternatyw ekonomicznych.” He was also the editor of a political and artistic semi-annual magazine “Lewą Nogą”. Przemysław published in magazines “Nowy Robotnik,” “Nowy Tygodnik Popularny,” “Trybuna,” “Recykling Idei,” “Wiadomości Kulturalne,” “Przegląd” and “Przekrój”. He is the author of Opium Globalizacji (2004), and editor and co-author of Koniec Europy jaką znamy (2013), TTIP – pułapka transatlantycka (2015), Dyktatura długu (2016) and Realny kapitalizm. Wokół teorii kapitału monopolistycznego (2018). He co-curated the exhibition “Refugees present-absent” in the Bookstore / Exhibition gallery (Cracow, November 2016). In his writing, Wielgosz criticises global capitalist system and the US world domination. Promoter of the thought of Rosa Luxemburg.