Re-imagining the Present. Alternative Trajectories of Modernity

Massimiliano Tomba

The seminar will be held on Zoom. Registration required (open until 24.03.2021) via the application form on our website. We will e-mail the link to the meeting to registered participants. After the lecture, we are planning a discussion which will be streamed on our Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as recorded and archived on YouTube and in Resources on our website. If you don’t consent to making your image public, we ask you to keep your camera and microphone off throughout the entire event. You can send your questions on the chat. Leaving your camera and microphone on will be considered a permission to use your image impliedly. We encourage everyone to join the discussion.

A lot has been said on the crisis of democratic institutions, the representative state, and capitalist development. We urge new perspectives from which to reconsider property, political participation, and citizenship in light of the challenges posed by climate change, the crisis of democracy, and refugees. In his lecture, Massimiliano Tomba takes inspiration from alternative political and social practices and dig into their history to extract new categories to imagine an alternative present and future to that of the dominant political and economic modernity. It is the pars costruens and not just the destruens that should constitute the criterion of today’s theory and politics.

The meeting will be held in English, without interpreting. It will be streamed on our Facebook channel.