Szymon Adamczak

Artist, writer and dramaturg, working at the intersection of theatre, performative and social action. Co-founder of the Kolektyw 1a association in Poznań. He studied philosophy and art history at MISH, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and completed a research programme for theatre practitioners at DAS Theatre in Amsterdam. In 2015-2017 he worked as the dramaturg and programmer of the National Stary Theatre in Kraków under the artistic direction of Jan Klata. In his works, Adamczak seeks unobvious and complex lyricism reflecting the challenges of contemporary living.

Szymon creates an artistic practice drawing from the heritage of activism and art that emaeged in response to HIV/AIDS. His performative duo An Ongoing Song concerns the relationship between the body and the virus, and it was based on the intimate experience of reconciliation with the disease. Szymon is also interested in queer thought, reading groups and development of initiatives like Nonheteronormative Netherlands which is addressed to the Polish community in the Netherlands, As an artist affiliated with Biennale Warszawa he initiated and now runs the research platform “Polish EIDS”. He lives in Amsterdam.