(Un)Expected Alliances: Intersectional Solidarity

a roundtable with human rights, anti-discrimination and social justice activists

The rountable (Un)Expected Alliances: Intersectional Solidarity brings together  human rights, anti-discrimination and social justice activists. It is intended to initiate a discussion about possible alliances and forms of solidarity between organisations, informal groups, advocates and activists who have for many years been fighting for the advancement of human rights, equality and justice for those most marginalised in our society.  

As per  research conducted under the EUROPACH project, unlike in some of the Western countries, HIV activism in Poland is often separated from other forms of social action and advocacy efforts, including feminist projects and LGBT+ related initiatives. Taking this observation as a starting point for our discussion, we would like to ask about the possibilities of transgressing boundaries in the often separate fields of activism, developing (un)expected alliances and forms of cross-sectional support.

Invited guests: W dyskusji wezmą udział: Magdalena Bartnik (Fundacja Polityki Społecznej PREKURSOR), Marta Dora (Department of Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of the Sexological Clinic at the University Hospital in Krakow), Joanna Gałaj (Stowarzyszenie „Bądź z nami”), Martyna Możdrzeń (Sex Work Polska), Eliza Rutynowska (Advocate trainee), Joanna Skonieczna (Campaign Against Homophobia), Tomasz Siara (Bears of Poland, Niewykrywalni.pl), Agnieszka Walendzik-Ostrowska, Zosia nierodzińska (Arsenal Municipal Gallery), Robert Piotr Łukasik (“Positive in Rainbow” Union), Szymon Adamczak.