The Reckoning Project: Documenting Russian War Crimes in Ukraine

Talk: Nataliya Gumenyuk i Angelina Kariakina

The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies was launched in the early days of the war, while evidence is fresh in the minds of the victims and other witnesses, for both testimony-gathering purposes and for the historical record. Over the course of 12 months, The Reckoning Project will have a mandate to investigate alleged human rights violations and abuses, and make recommendations on accountability measures. The project will also collect and amplify the testimonies of witnesses and victims of Russian aggression, including those affected by discrimination, displacement and crimes against humanity. The project’s aim is to build summaries into cases to present to international and national courts. The stories of war must be told accurately, sensitively and respectfully and present a complete narrative. In the past, victims’ stories weren’t told until well after a conflict had concluded, which deprived so many of access to justice. Human rights reporting, documenting evidence and gathering testimonies and legal summaries is urgently required as the war continues.

Conceived by the Kyiv Biennial and Biennale Warszawa from the East Europe Biennial Alliance, this special public program Armed Democracy, curated by Vasyl Cherepanyn within the 2nd edition of Biennale Warszawa, revolves around the concepts of imperialism, liberation, fascism, autocracy, revolution, and militarization in pursuit of the world to come on Europe’s burnt out land. The program is a first part of the series organized by the East Europe Biennial Alliance discussing Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine and taking place in Warsaw, Prague, Kassel, and Riga over the summer and fall of 2022.

Online, admission free, in English, without translation