The empathy movement

Agnieszka Kryst

During the lesson we will discover the relation between a moving body and empathy. Through various movement and composition tasks from the discipline of contemporary choreography and  major dancing practices, we will increase the awareness of our own bodies in motion and as a result – its sensitivity. The important aspect of this issue is both working with the space of the body and the space in which it moves and dances.

We will focus on the relationship of bodies: on working with conscious sight, looking and observing, concentration and involvement, complementing one another and forming a single shape together.

We will study movement as a result of conscious choice and not an order, looking for the answer to the question: what is the creative potential of empathy and emotionality for movement and dance. What is the link between emotionality and bodily execution? Should we use empathy and the sphere of emotions in the process of self-reformation (through the strategies of minimalizing and maximising, capturing and releasing a single gesture, thought or feeling)?