The architecture of relationships

Barbara Lityńska, Maja Kowalczyk, Justyna Sobczyk, Marta Stańczyk, Piotr Swend i Justyna Wielgus

The inspiration for the workshop was the practice of a choreographer and educator Alito Allesi whose main idea is to make people with and without disabilities work together. The objective of the lesson is to discover one’s own limitations and explore opportunities and potential in meeting with the Other. We believe that practicing mutual presence gives a chance for deliberately designing creative situations, open to diversity, which are not based on exclusion. Workshops were organised within the project of the Centre of Inclusive Art: Downtown which, deprived of its own permanent space, started to manufacture individual forms in the area of the “delicate architecture” of which human relationships consist, as an alternative to communication and cooperation. Can relationships and communication strategies be shaped? What this abstract form, created in the course of a dynamic activity, says about us individually, and collectively – as society?